Mirror Photo Booth

Welcome toSocial Party Booth

Social Party Booth is a brand new entertainment concept in Richmond, Virginia started by Joe Korzeniewski.  Joe has been planning events since 2000, and in Richmond since 2005.  His goal is to create an exciting experience using todays newest technology, quality props and backdrops, and good old fashioned hospitality.  The first experience in the Social Party Booth family is the very unique Mirror Photo Booth.  Its full length mirror, multi-touch screen display, animations, quality photography and sharing options will make your event the next viral sensation.  GIFs, Boomerangs, Beauty Filters...this booth is a photo taking powerhouse!

Our second experience is the Ring Roamer.  It's a mobile photo booth that can go anythere the action is.  It can be "in" the party and "on" the dancefloor.  Its studio grade LED beauty ring brings the perfect light wherever it goes.  It's instantly sharable and will be an instant hit at any event!    

Our third  experience is the Pylon Photo Booth.  It's a fusion of the Mirror Booth and the Ring Roamer.  The pylon cans sit stationary AND can roam.  It runs the same software as the Mirror Booth, but since it's iPad based it can take boomeranges, GIFs, and even video.        

Our Photo Booths

Mirror Photo Booth

Never miss those magical moments again! The Mirror Booth is no ordinary photo booth. It combines all the fun of a traditional photo booth with a unique interactive experience that will keep your guests entertained for hours! The Mirror Photo Booth comes equipped with themed animations, touch-screen custimization options, quality backdrops and props, and prints for all. Your event will go viral with the addition of the Mirror Photo Booth!

Ring Roamer

Bring the photo booth to the people! Our Ring Roamer offers a brand new way to capture and share your memories at your event. The one of a kind Roamer takes photos and GIFs with a studio-grade LED light ring that creates sharp, crisp instantly shareable photo. You'll get more candids and more pics from your event!

The Pylon Booth

The Pylon Booth is a fusion of the Mirror Booth and The Ring Roamer.  It uses the same software as the Mirror Booth but can sit stationary and/or roam like the Ring Roamer.  Because it is an iPad based booth, the Pylon can do Stills as well as Boomerangs, GIFs, Bursts, AND Video.  The Pylon Booth is coming this fall and will be ready to go for Halloween and Winter Holiday events!


What Our Clients Say

We were so happy with our booth and everyone loved it! 

We booked the mirror photobooth for our wedding and we are so happy we did! All of our guests thought it was the coolest thing and it was so fun being able to see everyone’s pictures. The 2 staff members that ran the both were professional, kind, and kept it running smoothly. We are so thankful! They had fun props to use as well! We made our own hedge wall with wooden last name sign before booking the mirror booth, however they had sooo many backdrop options to choose from so we didn’t technically need the one we made.


Pick Social Party Booth!!

Working with the owner Joe, of Social Party Booth was great!! He is such an awesome person and provides great customer service and explains things well. He gave us a demo of the mirror photo booth. It has a lot of cool bells and whistles which my guests greatly enjoyed! I asked about props such as a king and queen crown and although Joe didn't have any on hand, he voluntarily ordered some for our wedding reception. My guests LOVED the host of the photo booth, which was Nick. All I kept hearing was about how funny he was and how unique the photo booth was. It was an absolute hit as I expected it to be ♥️. Joe's follow-up was also good as we received our photo book in the mail : )