360 Photo Booth

The 360 Photo Booth

A Slow-Motion Video Booth with 360 Degrees of Fun!

We've waited almost a two years to get this booth and the wait was worth it. Step in to our 360 booth and experience something new, unique and crazy fun. We'll give you direction. You give the poses that will be instantly converted into a slow motion video.  Get ready to Share some Ridiculous Fun!

FX and Sountracks

Unlimited FX options! Pan & Zoom, Color Shift, Reverse, Slo Motion, Glitch.  There are so many options to choose from.  We can create the perfect showstopper to make you a social media SuperStar!


Share the Fun!

Video files can be too large to send by text.  We can send them with a QR code or by air drop directly to your phone.  Simply scan the QR to join our local network and then scan again to recieve your movie.  

The 360 Experience